At IIM International, we believe that every child has a right to education, regardless of the situation they are born into. We focus on providing scholarships and safe housing so that orphans and vulnerable children may complete their secondary school education.

Learn about what one of our scholarships means to a student and the various ways you can be a part of drastically changing the life of a young boy or girl.

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IIM International

ImitiIkula eMpanga

- a Bemba proverb meaning "small trees grow to become the forest"

Zambians use this proverb to emphasize the importance of educating

​the nation's youth as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

To invest in children and equip them to become future leaders in their communities  primarily through increasing access to quality education, both formal and informal.​

Meet our students and staff, see how we have grown over the course of our brief history, and watch videos that help bring Zambia a little closer to home.